Psychological/Mental Abuse

Any act intended to undermine your mental wellbeing and make you feel crazy. 

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Physical/Threat of Physical Abuse

Any unwanted physical contact or threat of physical contact or harm.

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Verbal Abuse

Any use of words or volume of voice to threaten, belittle, or injure you. 

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Sexual Abuse

Any unwanted sexual contact or use of sex against you. 

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Spiritual Abuse

Any word or action that isolates or damages your spiritual beliefs. 

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Using Children

Any involvement, manipulation, threats, or use of children in abuse.

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Social Abuse

Any attempt to cut you off from sources of support and care. 

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Cultural Abuse

Any use of cultural ideas as a way to dominate or belittle you.

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Emotional Abuse

Any act intended to undermine your emotional wellbeing and doubt your reality.

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Intellectual Abuse

Any act intended to make you doubt your intellectual ability and make you feel inferior.

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Financial Abuse

Any intentional act that deprives you (or your children) of financial security or limits your access to financial decision making.

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Abuse of Pets and Property

Hurting pets or damaging property in order to intimidate, control, and hurt you.

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Using Social Media

Using social media to stalk or monitor you can also be considered abusive behaviours.

¹Cory, J., & McAndless-Davis, K. (2014). When love hurts: A women’s guide to understanding abuse in relationships (2nd ed.). WomanKind Press.

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