Our Facility provides:

A Safe Place provides free transportation (within Edmonton, Sherwood Park, and Fort Saskatchewan) when you need to come to the shelter. The counselor attending the call will send a taxi to bring the individual/family in crisis to the shelter. We also provide transportation by taxi for emergency medical attention.

A Safe Place provides bus tickets for appointments, accommodation searches, and medical appointments for women and their children.

Safety is a high priority in the shelter; we have secure perimeters. No one has access to the shelter without supervision.

The information that you provide will be held in complete confidence and will not be released without your consent. The only exceptions to this are situations dictated by legislation, judicial, or medical crisis.

Our shelter has 11 bedrooms. Nine of them are adapted for families, women, and their children. We also offer space for single women in two semi-private bedrooms equipped with private lockers. 

Our counsellors provide emotional support/crisis counseling for women and children as needed and they are available at all times.

We offer practical information and assistance on the dynamics of family violence as it relates to each individual’s life experience.

Our counsellors provide information and referrals to various community agencies and their services, including referrals to emergency medical and dental care.

We offer nutritious meals, including breakfast, lunch and supper, as well as snacks in the afternoon and the evening (free of charge).

Diapers, shampoo/conditioner, soap, towels and linens are provided, as well as laundry supplies and facilities.

There will be a registered nurse onsite once a week to provide you with health information that you may need for you and your children.

We supply a number of non-prescription drugs approved by our nurse. 

We offer child care and child minding to facilitate a mother’s attendance of relevant appointments outside the shelter.

School age children are able to access our school program that we deliver with a school in our area. For safety reasons, children are transported safely via taxis to the program.

Counsellors will explore with you during the phone call if you need to keep your pets safe for the duration of your shelter stay.

Once you are at the shelter, you will have a case manager supporting your plans as you move forward. They will assist in navigating different systems, such as financial supports, obtaining ID’s, finding Regional Housing, and so on.

The victim advocate will assist you with any legal issues that you may have. They will also work with you to determine if a protection order is needed. They will accompany you to any court appointments and provide you with any information about victim restitution.

Once you move to your new place, your case worker will visit you and provide you with any support services you may need. Referrals to services in your community and assistance to integrate in the area you are living in will continue to be provided for 3 months after your stay.

A counsellor with expertise in safety and system navigation with the police will sit and review your case to ensure you are moving forward in the safest manner.

  • A review of your premises to ensure safety.
  • If deemed necessary a safety tracking system may be provided to you.
  • If deemed necessary an alarm system will be put in place.
  • You will be provided with a 911 phone.

Counsellors will support your housing search and provide transportation and accompaniment to viewing places. They will safety plan with you on neighbourhoods and will assist you in ensuring your new place meets safety standards.

We provide access to an Elder for Indigenous communities accessing the shelter. A special room is provided for smudging.

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