Early Calling Cards of Abusers

If your partner doesn’t trust you, he or she, may limit who you spend time with.

Everyone needs emotional and physical space. If your partner does not respect your boundaries, he or she is telling you that your needs aren’t as important as his/hers.

Does your partner trust your ability to handle things? Or is he/she checking up on you or your whereabouts?

This can be physical, or not. Does your partner use threatening looks, words, or gestures? Does your partner throw things, or destroy property?

Transparency is a two-way street. Your life should not be an open book, if your partner’s is not.

Does your partner refuse to communicate, ignore your needs, or punish you with silence?

Does your partner become angry, sad or withdrawn for no apparent reason?

Does your partner constantly check in or demand you text back immediately?

Does your partner always seem right? Don’t assume you are always in the wrong. Your partner’s refusal to learn, grow, or change may be early signs of abuse.

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