If you are being abused, want to leave your home, and come to our shelter, call our crisis line 780.464.7233.  Our crisis counsellors will give you directions.

The shelter is located in Strathcona County. To keep you safe, we do not disclose the location to the general public.

If you are being abused and want to get to the shelter, phone our crisis line 780.464.7233 and a counselor will tell you what to do. Let the counselor know if you are from Sherwood Park.

You don’t have to pay. We provide you with safe accommodation, food, essential transportation, personal care items, non-prescription medication, practical assistance, and connections to a broad network of support.

Call our crisis line 780.464.7233 and one of our crisis counselors will arrange safe transportation for you. You will not need to pay.

A Safe Place looks like any other home in the neighbourhood. Inside, you will find bedrooms and bathrooms for individuals and families. Resident meals are prepared and served in a common dining area. You will also find a living room, a quiet place to relax, accessible computers, and a play room for children.

  • Emotional support, court support, practical support, information, referrals, and advocacy are just a call away.
  • Our crisis line is available 24/7 to assist you: 780.464.7233
  • The above services are available in house, or through our outreach program. You do not need to stay in the shelter to receive support.

The police will not be involved unless you choose to involve them (e.g., pressing charges or applying for a protection order). 

We take your privacy and safety seriously. We will never provide information to people asking for you (partner, friends, and family) without your consent.

Yes you can, and if you have children you can bring them. Our shelter provides supports to women, with or without children. Your nationality, ethnicity, socio-economic status, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or other factors will not limit the support you can receive.

Yes, we encourage you to bring your children with you when coming to the shelter.

COVID has changed how we deliver child care services in the shelter. However, you will receive the child care you need to attend appointments, court hearings, and other required meetings.

Visitors are not permitted in the shelter because of COVID-19.

Your length of stay is determined by the level of support you need. Our second-stage housing options may be be available to you, if you require an extended support. 

To ensure health and safety during COVID-19, both individuals and families are being housed in private rooms.  

Yes, the shelter is wheelchair accessible and also has a bathroom that is wheelchair accessible.

Our shelter remains open and is the safest place for any woman or family fleeing abuse. Our expertly trained staff work hard to protect both your health and safety.

If you decide not to stay with us, our staff will support you where you are, or assist you in finding other accommodation.

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