Public Education Programs

A Safe Place

Increasing Awareness & Knowledge

Because we want to contribute to build a safer and better community for the future, we view public education as crucial. Thus, we make efforts to increase public awareness and knowledge on issues related to family violence in our community. With this in mind, we’ve developed free educational opportunities on the topic of family violence to any groups, schools, and organizations interested in participating.

Our Public Education Program offers presentations, workshops, and in-service training sessions to a wide range of audiences including children, youth, adults, seniors, professionals, members of faith communities, employers and employees, and a variety of community groups. As part of our educational campaign we arrange displays at public events such as conventions, fairs, and in public places.

Program Topics

  • A Safe Place: A retrospective about our history, work and our role in our community.
  • Family Violence Workplace Issues: How do these issues impact workers and the workplace?
  • The Effects of Family Violence on Children: How are my children affected?
  • Teen Dating and Safety: Safety in teen dating and relating.

  • Family Violence, A Faith Community Issue: Offers information to faith communities on family violence and community resources.
  • Understanding Family Violence: Looks at the facts about family violence.
  • Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships: Offers information on the dynamics of abuse, warning signs, safety, and resources.
  • Family Violence and Immigrant Communities: What additional barriers do new Canadian women face when they are abused?

Specialized presentations can be developed to suit any group and they are offered free of cost thanks to the generous support of our sponsors, business & government agencies, and also to the fundraising efforts of the Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd.

For more information or to book a presentation please call us at 780-464-7232