Types of Abuse

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Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is the use of physical force against another person causing injuries or putting the abused person at risk of being injured. It includes behaviors such as: restraining, grabbing, shoving, scratching, pinching, kicking, burning, assault with a weapon, confinement, murder. You are physically abused if you have to put up with any of these behaviors.

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse affects the victim’s sense of self. It involves hurting your feelings. Emotionally abusive behaviors include: swearing, screaming at you as well as humiliating you. It includes attacking or insulting your family and/or friends, or constantly criticizing you or the people you love. It includes accusing you of flirting or cheating with others. It may include hurting or threatening to hurt not only your family and friends but also your pet. You are emotionally abused if you have to deal with any of the behaviors described above.

Psychological Abuse

Psychological abuse refers to any behavior that aims at causing confusion and/or fear within the abused person. Psychological abuse causes the victim to experience both helplessness and fear. Psychological abusers are extremely good manipulators, who play mind games with their victims. If within this relationship you find yourself doubting your mental competency you are probably being abused. Psychological abuse includes threats to physically hurt you, such as threats to punch, slap and kick you. It can also include threats by the abuser to commit suicide if you leave the relationship. It can include throwing objects around the room, slamming doors or punching walls to scare you. It can include threats to punish your children to “get back at you” for wanting the relationship to change or end. Psychological abuse can make you feel that you are crazy.

Economic Abuse

Economic abuse refers to using money as a mean of controlling the abused person. The abused person doesn’t have any saying in how the money is spent or saved. You are economically abused if your partner gives you an allowance and make you ask for money every time that you need it. You are abused if you are made to account for every penny you get. You are abused if your partner let’s you know that the work that you do at home has no financial value. You are abused if your partner steals money from you or forges your signature on your cheque(s) or credit card(s). You are abused if you are not allowed to work and you want to. You are abused if you work and your partner expects you to give him/her your entire pay cheque. You are abused if although you live in a comfortable house, have good clothing, and even a nice car, you have no control whatsoever over the monies coming in and going out.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse refers to any non-consenting sexual act or behavior. Forcing sex or pressuring a person into unwanted sexual behavior is abusive. Sexual abuse includes: criticizing you sexually, touching you against your wishes, or forcing you to have sex with others. It also includes the withholding of sex and affection, as well as pretending to be extremely jealous to control you. It includes calling you a whore or slut, forcing you to perform sadism or sexual mutilation, or pressuring you into any sexual degrading activity, including forcing you to look at pornography or to participate in pornographic activity and/or pornographic film making.

Spiritual Abuse

Spiritual abuse refers to the actions directed to belittle, undermine or decrease a person’s faith or religious beliefs. It may include preventing you from participating in religious or spiritual or cultural-based practices, using your beliefs to manipulate you, or ridiculing your faith. It can also include misusing the scriptures to justify abusive behavior and/or forcing the children to be reared in a faith that you are not in agreement with. It can include preventing you from openly practicing your beliefs.