I am a survivor of domestic abuse…and I am proud to say it.

I left my spouse a year ago and never went back. I have never spoken to him since I left. I don’t miss him at all. I moved to another province last year with may baby and got all my paperwork in order. Now, I have full custody of my child.

He abused me throughout my pregnancy and it escalated after our baby was born. He was a chauvinist, man, who abused alcohol and vowed to make my life miserable. I remember what he would say,

“I will tear you up and build you up the way I want you to be, just wait until the baby is born”.

I just kept quiet, but never forgot those words.

Most of the time, I suffered emntional and financial abuse. Though at times he struck me, even when pregnant. He never wanted me to go to school, he never wanted anyone to see me, and kept me from all his friends too. He was very controlling- refusing even to allow me to have a baby shower. I needed his approval for everyting- my clothing, my shoes, my hairstyles and, even my opinions.

After living 9 months with him, I had enough developed a safety plan to leave. Leading up to my escape, I played the “good wife” and sought support with safety planning. A month after my child was born, I left him. A good friend of mine helped me pack all my belongings and took them to her house. With no other options, I found myself at A Safe Place.

Now, I am a happy single mother. I am raising my beautiful child. I am also studying to get a Bachelor’s Degree and hope to finish it soon. I even found love again.

My message to others-

“You deserve to live free of abuse. You deserve a better, happy life.”