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Our Mission

The mission of the non-profit organization Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd. is: “To end domestic abuse and violence in the lives of women and their children by supporting the shelter, A Safe Place, and impacting public policy through education and awareness”.

Our History

In 1981, a group of concerned citizen from Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, and rural areas of Strathcona County met to asses the issue of family violence. They found that it was indeed a challenge in the community. In May of 1982, steps were taken to develop an organization to meet this need and a Board of Directors was elected. On July 19th of that same year (1982) the Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd. was incorporated as a non profit charitable organization. Two years later, in July 1984, the society opened the doors of A Safe Place, a shelter for abused women and their children. Safe-talk was a program of A Safe Place, which provided support for victims of sexual assault. As the need increased that program became an organization in its own.  Today this organization is Saffron, and it provides services to victims of sexual abuse. A Safe Place expanded its services to include community outreach, Elder abuse line and services for Victims of Human Trafficking. Over the years A Safe Place has accommodated over 17,000 women and children.

Our Philosophy

  • All individuals have the right to security and protection under the law.
  • All individuals have the right to live free from abuse.
  • No person should be forced to remain in an abusive home because of lack of alternatives.
  • The right to integrity of the person includes the right to make informed choices among alternatives in one’s own life decisions.
  • The family should be protected from the invasion of their privacy except when the interest of the individual family members and/ or the interest of society are jeopardized.

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A Safe Place
A Safe Place
A Safe Place

Our Board

The Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd. is chartered under the Companies Act solely for the purpose of operating “A Safe Place”, a shelter for abused women and their children.

The Board of directors consists of volunteers from our community who serve the Society by managing its affairs, deciding on policies that governs the operation of the shelter, and fundraising. The Strathcona Shelter Society Ltd. also promotes and maintains a good public profile for the shelter in the community. Under the direction of a full time Executive Director, the Society oversees the operation of a 35-bed shelter for abused women and their children, A Safe Place.  Funded by United Way and Government of Alberta; Human Services Ministry.

A Safe Place